For 25 years, Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) has sought to deliver a challenging and transformational educational experience to students, inspiring them to become agents of positive change. We are proud to offer a welcoming, multicultural environment that allows students of all backgrounds to come together and develop new skills, take on personal challenges, explore world cultures, and embrace differences and diversity.

Upon completion of the two-year curriculum, incorporating the IB Diploma programme, as well as a unique whole-person development programme of practical and experiential learning, 128 students graduated from the college this May.

The official provisional results for the IB Diploma 2017 have just been received for our graduating class. Compared to the world average of 9% (in May 2016), 30% of our 2017 graduates received 40 or more Diploma points out of a maximum of 45 points. Two students achieved a full 45 points, four achieved 44 points, and eight achieved 43 points.  

We would like to commend these students for their outstanding results, and also congratulate each of our graduates for their tremendous efforts and achievements, in all aspects of their two years here. Aside from academic results, we are proud of our students for pushing themselves to reach their goals, for overcoming hardships and personal struggles, and for contributing to a more harmonious and inclusive society for all.

Once again, LPCUWC would like to congratulate the Class of 2017 on their many accomplishments and wish them all the best for their exciting journeys ahead. We hope that we have instilled in them a sense of personal worth, a thirst for challenge, a motivation for creating positive change, and a curiosity for the world.